Revesby Uniting Church is a community that comes together throughout the week .

We love to see our church filled with people meeting each other, sharing in the joys and challenges of life, together. Every person has something to offer.

We have something for everyone….

Knitting Room

We like to be productive! The Knitting Room is a great way to come and gather as you get on with a crafty task. Those that gather at the Knitting Room have made countless beanies, booties, blankets and dolls (just to name a few things). These gifts of love have been sent all over the world to bring comfort and assistance to people in need.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a maker, anyone is welcome to join in and share in the conversations that happen while we knit/crochet/sew away!

  • Tuesdays 2-4pm in the Church foyer.

Community Garden

As a way to connect with creation and live more sustainably, we have a community veggie garden behind the church. Everyone is encouraged to get involved, and we make the produce available to our community and those in need.

We also have a Friends of the Garden program where you can volunteer to tend to the veggies and spend time in community enjoying the gift that is gardening. Keep an eye on our calendar for events in the garden including Seeding for Seniors and sustainability workshops.

  • Why not become a Friend of the Garden?
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Beside the Child Care Centre at the back of our property is a set of small independent retirement units called Mirambeena. The people who live there are a valued part of our community and we welcome anyone to consider making this space home. Mirambeena is governed and administered by a small board of people, some of whom are a part of our church community.

  • To learn more about Mirambeena, please visit the external website: