Thomas dared to question the words of his friends about the Risen Christ, to find a way of encountering the Risen Christ himself, to experience that mystery. It was a revealing moment.

Nonetheless, Jesus then spoke about those who cannot see or experience directly. That’s us.

How can we employ doubt in the service of faith to encounter the mystery of Christ?

We encourage you to not only watch the video sermon, but also to reflect, pray and act this coming week.


Where do you see the kingdom of God in our pandemic-ridden world?
Recall a time when doubt enabled you to see more deeply.
What helped you to make your way through this experience?


Pray for those unwell and suffering at this time.
Pray for families as they negotiate life lived closer than ever before.
Pray for our doctors and health care professionals as they work tirelessly to keep us all well.



This week, when you hear someone claim something about truth on the TV or the media, or even a friend, ponder what they’re saying.
Doubt it, and see what happens…
(I’m not suggesting you do this out loud, but at least in our own mind…)