April 12, 2020

The resurrection of Jesus was unexpected. In the 1st century, everyone knew that crucifixion was Rome’s way of making a point, ‘We are in charge. We hold the power of life and death over everyone.’

As well as ending the life of troublemakers, crucifixion obliterated a person’s honour, their good name; even their memory was shredded (Deut. 21:22-23). Jesus’ resurrection reversed this, turning Rome’s power on its head.

What powers need to be overturned today?

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When you think of the resurrection, how do you hold together the joy, fear and amazement described in the gospels?


On this day of resurrection, this is our prayer for the people. You’ve invited to download the words and spend some time in prayer for our Church community and the world this Easter morn.



Make a list of those things that have changed for the better during this pandemic. Ask some friends for their list. Share with us on the facebook page a few of the things that came to mind. How, together, can you ensure we don’t lose sight of them when the pandemic is over?