April 5, 2020

Jesus was hauled before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, during the Passover festival. Every year, a Roman garrison from Caesarea Maritime, on the Mediterranean coast, would march down to Jerusalem to ensure that the thousands of Jewish pilgrims who gathered for Passover did not start a riot. Any semblance of disturbance was dealt with quickly and brutally. It’s likely the chief priests and scribes had an agreement with the Romans about this.

Jesus’ actions in the Temple guaranteed that he came to the attention of the authorities. When he was arrested, his disciples deserted him. Pilate held all the cards: authority, power, and military backing. Jesus had nothing. How would he deal with Pilate in this utterly unbalanced situation?

He remained silent.

There are clues here for us as we enter further into the Covid 19 pandemic.



As you contemplate today’s reading and the theme of silence, we invite you to reflect on what your experience of silence may be? Can you imagine using it to step beyond the reach of oppressive power?


While we are all concerned as daily life has changed for everyone across Australia and the globe. Take a moment to pause, reflect and pray for those countries where the virus is devastating communities.

You may want to use these quotes as a start for your time of payer.



This week we invite you to carve out come time for silence. It may be helpful to check-in with a friend, and set aside a specific time you both will be in silence. After you can share with each other your experiences, and how you found it.