Today we investigate the troubling story of Hagar and Ishmael.

Phyllis Trible describes this reading as a “text of terror.”

How do we reconcile our picture of God with how God is depicted in this story?

We encourage you to not only watch the video sermon, but also to reflect, pray and act this coming week.


How does the thought of wrestling with God sit with you? (If you haven’t considered it previously, why not try it.)
The acceptability of the notion that what benefits one group rightly disadvantages another has grown recently. Think of some situations where this is the case.


Pray for refugees- all people seeking safety from violence and starvation
Pray for humanitarian responses to requests for asylum
Pray form those actively demonstrating in the Black Lives Matter protests.



People, individuals, often disappear from the pages of history, from our own stories.
What might you need to do to resurrect some of them?