Today we investigate the story of Abraham and Isaac.

God orders Isaac to sacrifice his son.

How do we make sense of an abhorrent story of violence?

We encourage you to not only watch the video sermon, but also to reflect, pray and act this coming week.


How do your perceive God?
When have you felt the luminescence of God in another person?
When have you felt the luminescence of God in yourself?


Pray that as countries open up, that common sense and care for others in social distancing and hygiene remain.
Pray for good governance and leadership.
Pray for teachers as they struggle to bring classes and learning back together.



Take a moment- make for yourself a space in which for 5 minutes you can meditate on your understanding of God
Contemplate next time you are walking down the street or shopping, that the people you pass have the indwelling creator of the universe within them.