March 22, 2020



We have entered strange times; quite unprecedented. No longer can we share the Lenten journey of Jesus to Jerusalem, at least not in the way we have been accustomed to gathering together in one place. We have to find new ways of being community and caring for one another, not least in continuing our spiritual journey. This Lent, we are catapulted more into individual journeys. I hope you will find time to reflect on Jesus’ way, the growing shadows, the sense of abandonment, dreams lost, and the unexpected eruption of hope on Easter morn. I have already seen this crisis elicit untapped sources of hope and creativity. I hope it will be similar for you.



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As you think about todays reading relating how Jesus sat at table with his betrayer Judas, what do you imagine that was like for Jesus? What did you make of the poem ‘Shaking Hands’? What do you think of Fr Richard Rohr’s notion that the path of love and the path of suffering eventually combine?

You might also want to download and join in the following ‘Prayer for a Pandemic’



What land are you on today? As we worship remotely, take the time today to find out what Aboriginal land you’re worshipping on. Explore this AIATSIS map, or head to ‘’. Let us know on facebook what land you’re worshipping on this week.