Today we have a look at the story of the travellers on the road to Emmaus.

What happened on that road?

Is this just an interesting story in the bible, or is there relevance here for us today?

We encourage you to not only watch the video sermon, but also to reflect, pray and act this coming week.


Think back over your life. What moments of inspiration and insight can you identify?
How could sharing those moments with others help both them and you?
How could your insights help mould and change your church?


Pray for the elderly at this time, especially those at Newmarch residential care facility.
Pray for those starting back at work- may they keep safe.
Pray for and remember those still recovering from our recent bush fires.



Commit to pen and paper your insights and moments of clarity.
Talk to someone about these times in your life. Times when you felt inspired and uplifted.
Encourage them to share similar times with you.