May 3: The Good Shepherd

Our service this morning, including communion, is led by the Reverend Andrew Watters

What does “Jesus, the good shepherd” mean for you?

We encourage you to not only watch the video sermon, but also to reflect, pray and act this coming week.



What does the image of Jesus, the good shepherd mean for you in our urbanised, 21st century world?
How is Jesus the good shepherd for you?
How are you a good shepherd for others?


Pray for continued containment in Australia, and that we all remain calm and focussed as restrictions are eased.
Pray for school children, especially those in year 12 as they try to remain focussed on their studies in the midst of so much uncertainty.
Continue to pray for our doctors and health care professionals as they work tirelessly to keep us all well.



Someone you know is having a harder time through this pandemic- call them.
Maybe being a good shepherd is leading by example- continue to maintain social distancing and minimise contact for the sake of others.