The Gift of Water- Rev Michael Barnes, 13/1/19

Thanks for the Gift of Water

Most generous Creator,

we give you thanks for the gift of water:

for the water bag of a desert traveller,

and the oasis welcoming weary pilgrims

for the downpour that sustains a rain forest

and the storm that makes the desert blossom

For small ponds where children look for frogs,

and frozen winter puddles they can stomp on

For sparkling seas to bathe in during a heat-wave,

and the blessed sound of rain after a drought

For the river Jordan where John baptised,

and the hour when Jesus was pushed under

its muddy waters

When Jesus was baptised, he saw the heavens opening, and then God’s Spirit coming down, like a dove.’

Loving God, immerse us, we pray, in the waters of life

Plunge us deep into its rivers!