Ian Bertram
Council Chairperson
Christine Gordon
Congregation Chairperson

Each and every person in our community plays a role in helping our church to run day by day. We volunteer our time to keep the space at Revesby Uniting Church open and welcoming to all.

The hands and feet of God

Our Volunteers

Our ever-enthusiatic and energetic volunteers do everything from running various programs during the week – such as playgroup or coffee and chat – to running church events such as our Market Days. Volunteers provide lots of food and strength and energy to all our community gatherings.

  • Music Ministry: Helen Graham
  • Playgroups: Yvonne Lawrence, Julie Bertram & Lorrae West
  • M.A.D: Maureen Robertson & Robyn Leversha
  • Knitting Room: Gail O’Conner
  • Green Space Revitalisation: Jacob Nowland
The Leadership

Church Council

Church Council is our governing body that makes administrative and strategic decisions on behalf of church, as well as providing leadership to the congregation.

  • Chairperson: Ian Bertram
  • Secretary: Julie Bertram
  • Minute Secretary: Fiona Morgan
  • Mark Gordon
  • Jenny Kadwell
  • Yvonne Lawrence
  • Margaret O’Connor

Sunday Gatherings

Looking for a new church? Our weekly gatherings are a time of coming together to learn and grow and experience the fullness of life together.


Kids & Families

We hold a range of weekly groups and activities to support families, as well as events throughout the year. Why not come along and join the fun?


Community Programs

We love catching up to share the fun, joys and challenges of life, together. Come along to one of our programs for friendly faces and good food.